A change of opponent at 5 days’ notice is not an easy thing to deal with! Brahmer is an experienced, clever southpaw - Holzken is a very fit, powerful, unorthodox orthodox. He fought in powerful bursts and was always coming forward behind a very tight guard.

It wasn’t easy to get clean shots past the guard, so I stuck to basics, worked the jab, and won the rounds one-by-one. It was far the all-action fights I am well known for (like against Fielding and Mohoumadi), but you need to adapt your style in order to ensure you win the contest. This was one of those times. There was too much at stake to take big risks against a puncher – a final against George Groves for the WBA (super) title!

Full credit to Holzken, he had a great engine and chin! Some of those uppercuts would have dropped other boxers. I would love to see Holzken to continue boxing at a good level as I think he might produce an upset or two!

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