Season kicks off & visa update

Q: Recovered from the heartbreak in Kiev?

That game feels like it was ages ago! Still gutted we didn’t win but you have to recognise that the team did us proud to reach the final and Real Madrid are an exceptionally talented side so there’s no shame in coming second in Europe to them.

The world cup of course means that you don’t get much time as a fan to dwell on the season as world cup fever quickly kicks in. Gareth and the team did us proud – 4th place with such a young team was great so hopefully we can build on that.

Q: What are your expectations for the new season?

We had a good season last year and managed to keep hold of our best players whilst strengthening in the key areas where we needed to strengthen. Liverpool fans knew that we needed a new goalkeeper and another centre back, so signing Allison and Fabinho early in the window was great news!

My heart says that the goal has to be to win the league. It’s an exciting time to be a Liverpool fan – I know we say ‘this is our season’ every year but this could well be the best Liverpool squad in recent times. Whilst the goal has to be to win the league, the last time that actually happened was about a month after I was born! My head says it’s going to be difficult to get past Man City again this year, the strength in their squad makes it their title to lose. But we have to dream…

Q: How is the banter in the gym?

It's been a bit quieter than usual! The main rivalry in the gym is between Liverpool and United fans. Of course, for Liverpool there’s me, Butler and my brothers. For United there is Joe, Crolla and Callum Johnson. We are all big into football so it means there is always a good amount of football banter going on!

That all said, the United lot have been a bit quiet over summer… To give Crolla credit, he has responded to us giving them stick saying that we always say we will win the league and look what happens! He probably has a point to be fair! I am sure now they won their opening game they will become a bit more vocal...

Q: 4-0 win against West Ham, the perfect start to the season?

Absolutely! The key was to get 3 points, but that was some performance against a West Ham side that I think will do okay this season. The new signings bedded straight in and Keita looked unplayable. It has certainly got us fans excited!

Q: What game have you got your eye on?

Chelsea away! That’s got a special bit of spice for me! Saturday 29 September, the day after Groves and I battle it out to be the number 1 super middleweight in the world. Of course, Groves is a die-hard Chelsea fan!

It’s such a shame that the fight isn’t in London, it could have been a massive weekend of sport for the Liverpool and Chelsea fan! Hopefully though they all tune in to the fight on Friday and Liverpool gets the double win that weekend.

Q: Do you expect many fans will fly out to Jeddah for the Groves fight?

I have been touched by the number of people that have asked me for details – I initially thought there wouldn’t be any but those close to me. I truly am grateful for the exceptional support. Even those that have said they won’t travel have said they will get mates round and have a good night at home watching it. I hope however people are watching it they enjoy the show!

For those fans planning to fly out, my team are pushing hard to get details on how you can get visas and tickets. We are waiting for an update from the WBSS. The last thing I want to see is people incurring substantial costs without knowing the position on visas, so please bear that in mind. As soon as we have any information we will of course let everybody know.

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